Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Suspicions confirmed!

Yesterday we had the appointment with the child psychologist. Once again, I went along sheepishly feeling I was wasting the time of someone highly qualified on a child where there really wasn’t anything wrong. But once again I had nothing to worry about. Dr. S from Germany was absolutely lovely and genuinely wanted to help us. It turned out he was helping us with Benjamin’s sleep problems (I wasn’t 100% sure why we had actually been referred).

He didn’t really say anything we hadn’t heard before except that waking twice a night was actually quite common (and normal) for most 18 month olds!!!!!! I was amazed. I seem to be surrounded by people where this is not the case. Anyway. He did say that what you do when they wake is what counts and helps them establish a good sleeping pattern.
Nearing the end of the appointment I asked him for some other advice on how best to handle Benjamin. Do you know what he said? Be one step ahead of him! I get tired just thinking about it. And then he said, “That’s what you have to do when dealing with an intelligent child.” Well, I was a proud momma! I mean we’ve had our suspicions about Benjamin being particularly bright and advanced, but now we’re totally sure. Confirmed by an expert and all.

Dr. S also mentioned we need to be proactive with Benjamin not reactive. While we were in the room with Dr. S, Benjamin took his water bottle, walked to corner and started squirting it all over the carpet. Dr S said he chose that spot because it’s out of sight and he knows he shouldn’t really do that. The solution? Take the water bottle away before he has the chance. I need eyes in the back of head!
Dr. S said a child like Benjamin needs a lot of stimulation and is a more challenging child to parent than most. Another suspicion confirmed! Sometimes I feel people just don't get what I'm talking about. Well now I know maybe I'm right about that too.

And once again, as if Auckland District Health Board and Starship Children's Hospital haven't done enough for us, Dr. S wants a follow up appointment with us in 4 weeks! (For what? I am thinking....but I said yes).

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