Saturday, January 23, 2010

Catch up time

Well I am offically a terrible blogger! In fact, I can't even call myself a blogger. I've been thinking about shutting my blog down. Yes, it's that sad. But then, I may get some new motivation for it sometime in the future.


There have been a few things happening. Like Christmas, and New Years!

Xmas lunch with my Cousin R...Marmite sandwiches, raisens - what's new?

THE best pavlova made by my awesome sister

The joy of watching kids open presents

Priceless family photos with Nana and Grandad

Hubby's been working full time at a summer job and now he's not. It was great to have some extra money...although the rate at which it was spent was astounding! It's also great to have him back at home. Especially when I'm finding things that much more difficult with my big belly and swollen ankles. Loving the time spent together and enjoying the last weeks of being a family of three.

My poor little boy got bitten by a suspected spider last week and his foot and ankle swelled up like a balloon. A call from daycare, leaving work, 2 doctor's visits, hubby leaving work and eventually hospital. I am sooooo grateful we didn't have to spend the night there.

The day after the swelling came down...this photo doesn't half do it justice!

I'm now 35 weeks pregnant and doing things like washing tiny little babygros, making room for a bassinet in our room, buying drawers off Trademe for all the extra clothes and actually having to think about labour and breastfeeding. Eeeek!

We've added a sandpit, pool, umbrella and a trampoline to our little back garden. Love the way Benjamin plays BY HIMSELF sometimes!! He loves it outside. Especially since we got the tramp given to us by some amazing friends. Without our help, he can move the garden chair over to the tramp, climb up and bounce away. I was a little scared at first, but that's typical of Benjamin to figure it all out for himself, and he can't jump very high. And the joy it gives him! I'll be washing dishes, watching him jump and roll and sometimes just lie on it with a big smile on his face. Sigh. Contentment.

Benjamin has reached new levels of fussyness with his eating. I cooked one of his (very few) favourite meals - a tomato and cheese pasta bake. I usually use penne pasta, the plain, straight tubes, but this time I used half penne and half spirals. He was eating happily (such a treat) and then asked for more. There was still pasta in his bowl. He reached for my bowl. I let him have it. And he continued to eat from my bowl...but ONLY the penne. His bowl was full of spirals, you see. He'd picked out the penne and already eaten them all. So in order to dish him out another portion, I had to pick out the spirals from the pasta!

I will try to be better about blogging...and I apologise to my few followers. Thanks for following me! Until next time...

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Sammy said...

What a cutie! So funny picking out the spiral pasta bits!
And you look great, you may think you have swollen ankles but you still look gorgeous! Glad you are doing birth before me- haha! Pass the tips along!

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