Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Independance Day

It happened on Monday. I turned around and Benjamin was gone! I jumped up and with a sigh of relief, saw him toddling happily along the path at the park. He was enjoying his new found freedom completely! I was so glad that he felt safe enough to walk away from me. Sounds a bit strange but he has been so clingy for so many months, needing me in the same room all the time - exhausting!

Now that he's walking I think he's happier than he's ever been. Some of his frustration has been relieved. He can get to where he wants to go! And spend some of his endless energy. I've heard that once they start walking, the real hard work begins. But I've found it to be the opposite. He's happy. He's had his 'Independance Day'!

We are moving out on Saturday. Our Independance Day has come too. We moved into my parents house in September last year wanting a place to bide our time and figure out our next move. Seven months later we are finally set to go. This week I've been trying to enjoy every moment. The house is 3 minutes walk from the beach, has 2 really good cafes (important for me), a video store (important for Tasi) and a great fenced park that has this little red house that keeps Benjamin entertained for ages. What more could you ask for?! Sure we've had our ups and downs as we've adjusted to living under my parents' roof again and the long drive to church and our friends has sometimes frustrated us. But the thing that has been so wonderful for me is having support and being able to share the load.

Benjamin adores his Nana and Grandad. He runs -well toddles fast- to see them whenever they come home and sometimes even prefers his Nanas cuddle to his mum's (how rude!). He wants a piece of everything his Nana does. Even brushing teeth! They are such a big part of his life and I am a little nervous about how he's going to adjust. Suddenly on Saturday night, he's going to find himself in a stange house without his Nana and Grandad and with a whole other set of people (we are house sharing with another young family). I've had so much help with him, whether it's bathing him, picking him up when he cries, playing with him or just staying home so we can go out. We've had it good.

It's time to go though. We're moving into another new chapter in the book of life. And I'm looking forward to it with "adventurous expectation" (Romans 8:15, The Message).

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