Monday, April 20, 2009

Friends and parties and sleep and....

Well there is so much to tell it's hard to know where to start. We've moved into our new place and are finally settling into the area and getting to know our way around. Benjamin was a nightmare for about a week...but now the change in him is phenomenal! He's got a big brother and sister now...friends! He whines way less. There's more to do and see and people to to play with. He is just so happy.

He's even adopted their cat, Lily, and he follows her around and grabs her - poor thing! This morning he literally threw her off the chair! When I heard that one baby is REALLY hard work then two gets a bit easier and three is even better, I didn't really believe it. But now I see why. There are helpers and entertainers. The baby is never alone and doesn't look to you for everything. Sounds good to me.

We had Benjamin's first birthday party on Easter Monday and it rocked! We had lots set up outside for the young and older kids, including motorbikes, a trampoline, tunnels filled with balls and a little ride on train. We even had some kids having fun in the wheelbarrow! Our friends stayed all afternoon and we all took turns on the bikes - woohooo! My husband's family organised the food and my Mom made the cake - train theme. We were so blessed and have been able to (almost) buy Benjamin a new cot.

We've found a day care for Benjamin which he starts on Wednesday. That, too, is a funny story. It's home-based child-care and the carer is a passionate Christian who believes his spiritual welfare is foremost. Like "O my gosh!" Where do you find that? And she lives just up the road. Thanks God.

And guess what!! Benjamin is now sleeping 11 to 12 solid hours most nights. GASP! FAINT! It just shows that when you are consistent and keep going, no matter how strong-willed your baby is, they will get it. It may take a while, but it's worth it. It's such bliss. Each morning I can't wait to see my little man. I'm so enjoying him. The journey of motherhood definitely gets better and better.

The 'kids' having fun

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Sammy said...

Yay Pen! You are sooo blessed xxxx

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