Monday, June 8, 2009

All of a sudden

Have you even been doing something for ages and then suddenly you just can't/don't want to do it anymore? It's like all of a sudden you've reached your capacity to keep doing that and somehow your mind rebels against doing it again...even when, in some cases, you know you should. It's like I'm suddenly full.

I don't understand myself in these times but maybe it's a message something in me is trying relay and I need to listen to it. Your body is pretty good at telling you when you need to rest when you're sick for example. So maybe it also lets you know when it's time to stop thinking or acting a certain way.

Gosh, as women we are complex. But I believe that's a good thing. It's the way God made us to be! But it's learning to harness and make sense of this complexity that is the challenging bit. Hopefully I'll figure myself out one day. Until then I'll just look to the One who already has.

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