Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bits of everything

So I've started toilet training Benjamin. Hmmm. It is interesting, especially when I think I just found poo on the side of the shower door! So far we've had one success and then this morning, not such a success, hence the poo on the shower. I'll see how it goes. He's a clever boy and if he's ready he'll catch on fast. If not, I'm not going to battle him. It can wait.

"Helping" me wash dishes...splashing water all over the floor better desribes it

His words are tumbling out think and fast, new ones every day. His latest cute one is 'hedgehog' which sounds like 'hair-CHOG' (he makes the second syllable louder). I'm really enjoying this developmental stage. The tantrums, not so much, but the language skills and the understanding what of what I want him to do, the singing along to favourite songs, the mimicing of words and actions, being able to do more for himself like put on his shoes, the abundance of cuddles he wants from me - all of these are such fun.

Smiley Esera is doing so well. His day naps are finally getting longer than 40 minutes - woohoo! And even when he doesn't sleep long, all he does when he's awake is smile so I really can't complain. He was dedicated in our church on the Sunday just gone. I didn't manage to even hear what was said when he was prayed for as Benjamin was all over the place and not still for a second...not at all distracting!! I ended up exiting the stage with him as soon as I could. Sigh. Anyway, the scene he created on stage gave many a people a laugh. Glad to be of assistance. Here's a photo of me bending over to try and get Benjamin who is now lying flat on the floor...all this while the pastor is praying!

I have a new niece, as of the 19 May, who is scrumptious. Check her out.

Hubby is so nearly finished study - one exam on Monday and that's it! Four and a half years. Yes, it's been that long. I remember wishing for this time on many occassions. Come mid-July, he can start work. And we can move out of this tiny unit, that we love but sometimes trip over each other as we move about in. Benjamin especially will love the space and I will love putting Esera in his own room. I can't wait!

All wrapped up for a winter walk

I'm excited to see where Hubby will work and where we will live - hopefully not far from where we are now. Can't wait to throw a huge graduation party! There is so much to look forward to.
As a celebration Hubby got some new clothes. Here is he is looking gorgeous! I'm a lucky woman.


Sammy said...

Yup he's gorgeous and hard working and smart and bound to get a super-dooper job!

Mands said...

Awesome Pen! Well done to your hubby!

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