Saturday, July 10, 2010

Chuckles in the Night Garden

Benjamin has a new favourite toy: Igglepiggle from the TV show In the Night Garden.

He was given the toy, complete with red blankie, by the family we used to live with and until now, he hasn't shown much interest in it. But now he loves Igglepiggle and we sing the Igglepiggle song quite often. "Yes my name is Igglepiggle, Igglepiggle wiggle...." I have been known to sing it at any time. It's very catchy...and quite embarrassing when you're in the mall! Anyway.

His love for Igglepiggle went to new heights when I observed the following:

Can you see what he's doing?

Igglepiggle is being breastfed! a 2 year old little boy. Just like Mummy feeds Esera. Isn't that how everyone cares for their toys?


Sammy said...

That is so cute!!!! Reuben loves to pretend to put makeup on his face when I do, you can imagine how much his father looooovvvves that!!!!

Mands said...

GIGGLE that is just so sweet!

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