Saturday, July 10, 2010

Train (mis)adventure

Tuesday last week and we were all set to have a fun family day together and give the kids their first train ride. We woke to to rain but we determined not to let it ruin the day. Rain covers and umbrellas ready!

Benjamin was sick but he's usually really cheerful and on the go in spite of sickness, and, as he loves getting out, we didn't give it a second thought. He started coughing at the train station. But already committed to the journey, we waited and the hopped on the train just around the corner from our house.

Benjamin was now coughing quite a lot and people on the train began to stare. Big chesty, yucky coughs. I offered him water. No! was his response. The coughing continued all the way into the city. We got there and took a quick walk around the train terminal, had a quick ride up the lift and escalators, and grabbed a coffee (very important!). Benjamin's coughing was increasing and we looked up the next train home and went down to the platform to wait.

We got onto the train, and Benjamin then started to vomit. All down his top and jacket and on his socks. The train hadn't even started to move! Luckily this time the train was almost emtpy. The coughing continued, another vomit came. Finally, our stop. But as we got off the train we realised we had got off a stop too late! We had no choice but to run in the rain to our car. A train was not due for another half an hour. The walk/run took a good 15 minutes. By this time, Benjamin had vomited again, this time inside his jacket and then a few minutes later fell asleep.

Finally we arrived at our car, had to wake a very tired and sick little boy, undress him and put him in the car. I tried to be positive about the day, but I'm afraid there's not much positivity in it. Guess we still had family time? Albeit it full of coughing, vomit, rain and worry (on my part). Maybe next time.


Sammy said...

Oh my gosh! Thank goodness you were both there- imagine all that with only you!!!

Gail said...

Oh my goodness! What an adventure allright! Crikey. Those kids huh - so predictable yet unpredictable. They love mixing it up for us!!xx

Mands said...

Shame Pen! That was he alright now?
Amazing how kids can vomit at the worst possible time...Luke always seems to do it when I have guests or have just mamanged to get him in his car seat...he even vomited on me at the yip been there!

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