Monday, June 13, 2011

Glorious space

The boys are revelling in the space and freedom and want to be outside most of the time. Can you blame them?

This in one direction...

And this in the other...

Our front yard

And loving the little community around us. The front house has four kids, one of which is Smiley's age and another boy who is 6 years old who comes over to play with Turbo. And the house next door has a five year old boy who also plays with Turbo sometimes.

So awesome when there is trust and goodwill between neighbours. They freely let their children come over to play and the offer is there for us to do the same. Turbo's a little young to just wander over like they do, and I've yet to get around to taking him over but the offer is there. 

 Once again I'm amazed at how well God looks after us.
Feeling: grateful

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fairchildstreet said...

Boys need lots of room to run and my boy loves being outside. Great there are some little friends in the street.

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