Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm back!

LOVING our new house! O, the space! Glorious space!
At first I felt a little odd. We seemed to all rattle around in the big rooms and living space. I found myself missing our little unit, missing the warmth and familiarity. 
Was I crazy? No, just human. Funny how we would rather stick with what we know sometimes than move into something bigger and better .

But o, how quickly we adjusted! It's almost 2 weeks later and I feel right at home. The space has not only increased physically, but I feel it's opening up more for us in other ways. My thinking for one. The old season is most definitely behind us and I'm excited about the future.

I have something to admit though:
I didn't miss blogging
one bit in the almost 2 weeks that I've been gone.
{GASPS from all of you}

Before the move, there were a few days where I contemplated ending my blog, or at least having a holiday from it.
Not from YOU, of course, I still love reading blogs. But somehow all the OTHER blogging stuff has taken over, and made me feel pressured to post often and write something amazing. So that made me want to avoid my blog altogether.

Do you know what I mean?

The OTHER blogging how many followers you have, or what to do to get more followers. And how many times a week you "should" post. Or how your blog should look. And how you should be commenting on this many blogs. It's all over the blogisphere!

I just don't have time for any of that stuff. And don't actually care that I don't have time. I just want to be free to write whatever is on my mind, which is why I started blogging in the beginning. So my blog may not be the most "successful" blog on the block, but it's mine. And I think a successful blog is one that the author of the blog is happy with.

My awesome sister, N, encouraged me not to stop because I do love writing and the more you do, the better you get.

So I did end up having a little holiday, due to our internet provider's incompetence. And so I want to come back fresh, leaving all that other stuff (I can think of stronger words than that ha ha) behind. Actually I wanted to start a new blog all together, but lack the time to actually do a header and set it up!

Has anyone felt/Does anyone else feel pressured by these things?
Have you wanted to stop blogging because of it?

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tartankiwi said...

I think blogging is as competitive as you allow it to become (if that makes sense). I read something today saying that most bloggers go through phases when stats are all important which are followed by periods when they are irrelevant.

I like to think that I blog for myself, but it still gives a kick each time that you reach a new level (x number of followers, x number of pageviews in a week/ month) so yeah, I know what you mean about "stuff".

I am actually really happy that we don't have any popularity indexes or proper blog awards here our KMB community. It allows it to be a warm and encouraging place to hang out.

Oh and on that note, say thanks to your sister! So glad that you will be sticking around with us a bit longer :-)

Elizabeth said...

Hmmmm - maybe I am to new to this... I keep an eye on things, but don't really feel the pressure!

Glad you're back, and sticking with it!

Rebecca said...

Missed you! I,m prob the least read blog on the block... but I enjoy reading it haha and love that we have a record of memories and photos I coulda lost on old computers!!

Hootnz said...

Yeah I felt the pressure when I started, but now I have resigned to doing it just for us.... I always wanted to keep a diary before I had children... but that all flew out the window when my first arrived. Now with my last, I am trying really hard to document the little things that sometimes I forget... and all those lovely comments from strangers is a plus :) Good to see that you are sticking around

Widge said...

I have just spent the evening with some blogging friends and we were talking about this and I said how I read my own blog all the time and enjoy it so really THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS at the end of the day. I hate all the other stuff. really much.Used to get a kick out of it and now i just think it's all very silly and not real. welcome back and keep writing!!
p.s loved seeing you in parents inc mag!!!

L A said...

Yup! Been there, done that. And you're so right. I read someone the other day who said what's become the most important part of blogging for her is the online community of friends and bloggers who "get" her - and that's what I'm trying to focus on. Creating a community of people who get each other. Sometimes miss the plot though!
Welcome back!

Simoney said...

You're right Penny. All that other stuff DOESN'T matter, and it can only "get to you" if you let it.
I hope that my blog posts on how tos haven't added any sense of pressure? they were only meant to give advice and encourage newer bloggers with stuff I've learnt the hard way...
I think mostly NZ bloggers are very encouraging, affirming and non-competitive, which is a blessing.
And the relationships/freindships I have personally made through blogging are very REAL and that's what counts.

BUT having said that i contastantly have to talk to myself about not CARING about things like stats and followers and comments.
That is my own insecurities coming up, where I want affirmation and to feel good about waht I do. the old "people pleasing" trap that was there in me long before blogging! So its a real journey for everyone, this blogging thing.
But i am GLAD you are sticking around, you have a unique "voice" and something to say.
PS if you decide to do a new blog or want a bloggy makeover, I would be happy to help out with anew banner or whatever, if you don't have the time...
just let me know :)

Michelle Twin Mum said...

I think we all go through this. I love what you say about a blog being successful, if the writer is happy with it - that is just perfect!

I took a 6 week break in Feb 2010 and that was enough to refocus me on the important things in life and I have been mush more chilled abotu bloggin since.

Glad you are into your new home.

Mich x

fairchildstreet said...

Totally understand. When I first started my blog I felt the pressure but along the way I have had several breaks which has been great because the blog is now there for a creative outlet and to meet like minded people. But no longer feel the pressure.

Muddled Up Mumma said...

I know what you mean. I work full time and blog when I can. For me. Sometimes you have to stop and remind yourself why you started in the first place and not get distracted by the wonders of the blogosphere...x

Little Gumnut said...

Oh yes! Constantly!!
How lovely that you've moved into a new house with more space! Yay!!

Catherine said...

Yep I've deleted all my posts twice now - mine is more a fear of who is reading my blog etc and wanting to protect my babies from people

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