Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm supposed to be enjoying this?

To be quite honest, I think I’ve only really started to enjoy Benjamin in the last couple of months. It’s when you stop worrying about the “right” way to do things and what your baby is “supposed” to be doing at this age that you actually have some freedom to enjoy them. And why is there so much emphasis on sleeping anyway? I read an article all about this ill-directed focus. Our babies can be smiling, babbling, rolling over, finding their feet or starting to crawl and we fail to celebrate because they’re not a good sleeper. What about all the other wonderful things they’re doing?

I needed a focus shift. And gradually I learned to do this, to celebrate my son and the wonderful achievements he was making. Because of his persistent and strong-willed nature, he has sat, crawled and pulled himself up early. I’m so proud of him. Each day he is standing by himself a little longer and soon he’ll be walking. It’s these things that I focus on. Yes, he is still a challenge. A daily, no, actually moment by moment, challenge but I am learning to appreciate who he is. He is special. He is mine.

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Rebecca said...

Hey Penny...great to have found you here :) Lucky he's Soo cute!! Sound willed children, leaders in disguise hey! Look forward to reading on...All the best, Lv Rebecca

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