Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Small Things

Yesterday was one of THOSE days. Benjamin seemed to whine from the moment he got up until the moment he went to sleep that night. I went through the list: hungry? Fed him some more. Tick that one off. Hot? I got out his pool and let him play in the water. Tick. Bored? Gave him a change of scenery. Tick. Teething? I used teething gel, herbal spray for teething and later pain relief syrup. Tick that one off too. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!?! But still he whined. Need a cuddle? Some time with me? Some water? A sleep? When I did try to put him to sleep, he refused. Point blank. An hour and a half later I tried a drive in the car. Phew. He fell asleep....only to wake up shortly after the car stopped!

It’s on these days that I feel like walking away. Just for a while.
I feel like saying, “That’s it; I’m going for some time out! See you later!” Only thing is....I’m IT. I can’t leave. And so breathing deeply to stay calm, you carry on. Hour after hour. No wonder these days leave you exhausted and in need of a good coffee (my solution for any kind of hard situation!).

But then there are days like today. Right from this morning he was happy. And today has been FUN! We hung out at the park and swam in the sea, laughing together and enjoying each other. It’s these days that make THOSE days bearable. I (literally!) had tears in my eyes as I watched him contentedly play with his toys while I had my morning coffee...in peace. Small things. But if we don’t give thanks for the small things, we may not end up giving thanks at all.

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Simoney said...

Wonderful Post Penny. It have me a little shiver, a warm fuzzy even. That's so true! Keep up the writing! xx

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