Friday, May 8, 2009

Moments of wonderfulness

Side note for fellow word-lovers and grammar and spelling freaks:
I know that ‘wonderfulness’ is NOT a word. It does explain things pretty well, though, so I’m using it anyway. Please excuse me.

Life is filled with moments of wonderfulness. My last blog entry, for example, is positively glowing. Funny how quickly you can begin to feel that things are not going so well anymore. And funny how we base those feelings on one small incident that in the bigger scale of things, is not very important at all! It happens for me in my marriage, in friendships, at church and at home. All of a sudden I feel dissatisfied, disappointed, down and lots more D words that I can’t think of right now.

Let me give a little example: I was loving the way Benjamin was eating the dinners I was cooking for my husband and I and how I didn’t have to make anything separate for him. He was being ‘such a good boy’. He was happily eating the dinners I put before him and seeming to love it. Then a week or so later, he started to turn his nose up and refuse to eat them. I began to get frustrated with him and annoyed at his fussiness. And this frustration overflowed into my days. I found myself getting easily annoyed at him for little things and saying things like “Can’t you just give me break sometimes?” in a loud, angry voice. Poor little boy didn’t have a clue why!

But really, most children don’t like what’s put before them every single night. And isn’t he allowed to have favourites and things he prefers eating over other things? I must remember I’m dealing with a spirited baby as well who has strong preferences and may like one thing one day and another the next (he does this to me often with food!). Benjamin’s also started waking around 5am again. Arggh. But once again I must put things in perspective and appreciate the moments of wonderfulness when they are there. Because there are many of them, everyday, if we’re looking. Cuddles, smiles, bopping to music...and long naps. Ahhhh

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Sammy said...

Please send me a copy of that photo! It's wonderful.

I feel so bad that I have neglected you over the last month or so. My precious and beaufiful friend! I am SO going to spoil you and make up for it!!!

Love you so much xxxxx

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