Monday, July 27, 2009

Cheers to the grape!

It's been an absolutely crazy month...hence no blog entries. I've been feeling sick, absolutely exhausted, a bit anxious and at times, downright shocked! Yes I am expecting bubba number two. Completely unplanned.So I'm 10 weeks on Tuesday and already showing. Stretched tummy muscles don't seem to hold it in as well! Here's what "the grape" (I'm talking about the size for those who don't get me) looks like at this stage.

The huge challenge is that bubba number one is still as full on and demanding as ever. Eeeek! But I know many mothers have been there before and despite what I feel sometimes, I'm going to be fine. Yes I'm going to be run off my feet and need some help sometimes but that's ok. Benjamin still doesn't sleep that well but I've had to relax about it all. I mean he can't be like this forever. And in every other way he is a healthy, happy, confident little boy....soon to be brother!! Wow.

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Gail said...

Wow, congratulations Penny! I'm sure Benjamin will be a very doting and loving big brother! Hope you are feeling more energized!

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