Thursday, July 30, 2009

The sleep chronicles

The night before last night went something like this:

12am: Whines start from the room next door - which quickly turn into cries. I go into Benjammin's room , see if he's ok, offer him some water (which he spits out), lie him down again and walk out. The cries get louder and more hysterical. I pray he'd go to sleep. We try to ignore the cries. Frustration builds. Neither of us can get some sleep.

1am: We give in and get him a bottle.

1.30am: He is fast asleep and I can't get back to sleep. Finally I do. Not sure what time.

5.15am: The whines start from next door. I get up straight away and get him a bottle. This will send him straight back to sleep, I think, and then I can get some more much needed sleep.

5.50am: I give up and get up - he won't go back to sleep. I go into his room and am greeted by a huge smile. I don't quite manage to return it.

Then last night went like this:

12.45am: Noises start from the room next door. I groan and I pray hard. But soon he's wide awake and bouncing around in his cot. Not crying tonight so we decide to ignore.

1.30am: He starts to bang on the wall next to our bed (his cot is directly in the other side of the wall...if there was somewhere else in the room to put it, believe me I would put it there). Frustration is at a high. We need some sleep! I give in (again!!!!) and get him a bottle.

5.50am: Noises from next door. I am already resigned to getting up but they miraculously stop and he goes back to sleep. Maybe it's all the praying in the middle of the night. Funny (but not really) how he decides to go back to sleep when I have to get up for work and can't take advantage of it.

6.50am: He's up and bouncing around, full of beans. Wish I could say the same for me and poor hubby.

Whoever thought up the phrase "sleeping like a baby" certainly did not know Benjamin!

1 comment:

Nikkey said...

amazing how full of beans and happy they can be even after so little sleep. I also can't quite manage to return that first morning smile!! - ha ha
Hang in there Pen it WILL get better.

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