Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mother's Intuition

I felt really proud of myself yesterday. Probably because I don't give myself enough credit as a mum but anyway...let me explain why I was proud. Benjamin was particularly whiney yesterday. For a spirited baby, it's sometimes hard to distinguish when he's being demanding and strong-willed or when there is something wrong. Thinking he was tired, I tried to put him to sleep. No go. I felt there had to be something more.

Later that day I noticed him scratching his head and whining. A thought occured to me that he may have an ear infection. And then around dinner time when he would just not leave me alone and had to be carried, I texted my husband to come home (he was in a meeting) because we needed to take Benjamin to the doctor: suspected ear infection.

Thing is, Benjamin is such a trouper when it comes to pain. About a month ago he had an ear infection where there was even puss in his ears and he was still bouncing and happy. So there we were last night, sitting at the doctor's rooms with our little boy bouncing around, smiling at the strangers, making them laugh when he pressed his face against the glass, making friends with a little Indian boy. I began to think there was nothing wrong...and I was going to get a "here's one of those psycho mums who bring their child in for every little whine" looks from the doctor.

But yes, you guessed it. Two red, inflamed ears, needing (another!) course of antibiotics. I'm so glad I trusted myself. I have been around this boy pretty constantly for the last 15 months....so it stands to reason that I do know something about him!

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