Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The daycare

Well I just have to write a post about Benjamin's daycare. They make me laugh....often. It's an in-home daycare called Jemma's and it's been a real blessing to us. The care-givers are a pair of Indian twin sisters who think the sun shines out of Benjamin's bottom! (I tend to agree of course).

From day one, they fell in love with Benji as they call him. Say 'Benji' with an Indian accent and it will give you a chuckle. Go on, do it! Although they have no children of their own, their love and devotion to Benjamin has been a real blessing. They (G & P) have invested time and money that goes beyond the care he would have got at another day care. G & P write weekly, detailed updates, with photos and cute moments and insights. They have given me many DVDs of videoa they've taken and invest their own money in buying him toys they think he'll like. He's only there two days a week, yet they give their all to him in the time he's there.

G & P's house is literally a 2 minute drive from our house which couldn't be easier for us. And cherry on top, G & P are Christians, who love God and regularly pray for Benji, my husband and I, and the baby to come. Wow! Each time I pick Benjamin up they both stand in front of me, talking over each other, each trying to tell me how the day was.

When I first met G & P, I was not all that enamoured with them. Having had no children of their own, they were going to have to learn as they went. Not that appealing. And being new recruits, to the day care, Benji was their first child. I thought about it long and hard and the next week, took my hubby along to check it (them!) out. He announced as we were sitting there that Benjamin would be starting with them next week. The look of shock on my face was unconcealable and G & P gracefully interceded. But that was that. Benjamin, that is Benji, had a new day care.

G & P's lack of experience has been frustrating at times, like when they couldn't get him to sleep and kept trying different (confusing!) things on him, or when they wiped his bottom so hard he came home with a raw patch on it that took a week to heal. But despite all that, I know I've done the right thing. I know by the excited look on his face when we pull into the drive. And by the way he sometimes doesn't want to come home. He once even said "ta ta" to me and waved as I tried to walk away and show him I was really leaving without him!

Another thing I was worried about was the lack of other children. That was really important to me. But I shouldn't have worried. A little three year girl is now Benji's best friend. Apparently this little girl was shy and withdrawn but now has come out of her shell and is always excited to see 'darling Benji' as she calls him. And everywhere they go, these outgoing, vibrant Indian sisters make friends. Just last week they told me a mum they had just met at the park asked if she could regularly bring her daughter to the park at the same time! Fridays are Mainly Music days.

God looks after us in ways we sometimes don't recognise at first. It's only as we look back and reflect that we can see His hand so evident in it all.

P.s. Photos of G & P to come. Haven't managed to work out how to get them off their updates but will keep trying


Sammy said...

Oh my! Very good! (said with indian accent) They sound charming and lovely. How fabulous!

Gail said...

That's so great Penny. It's good to know you can leave them and trust they are in great hands!

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