Saturday, August 8, 2009

Default setting: HAPPY

My little boy has been sick for so long! He had an ear infection in June for which he was put on antibiotics, then this horrible wheezy cough for which he was given an inhaler (!!!), then another ear infection with more antibiotics (which have not yet worked) at the end of July. To date, the ear infection has still not gone! The doctor's visit this morning was the third in less than 3 weeks.

Yet despite all of this, he is a happy, energetic and fun-loving little boy. His predisposition is a smile. So lovely! I know his ears are bothering him when he scratches them and whines but at the prospect of a game of jumping off the wall outside (his new favourite. And yes we do catch him when he jumps!) he'll easily forget his pain and swap it for a laugh with Mom or Dad. What a wonderful little boy I have!

1 comment:

Sammy said...

Yes he is a lovely cute sweet little boy!!!!

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