Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dear Smiley, you're one!

My little, sunshine boy. You, who bring warmth and light into our world, with your chocolate brown eyes and toothy smile. With your long, deep cuddles where you bury your head in my shoulder and wrap your chubby arms around my neck. I love the smell of you!

You are one adorable little boy. In every way.

You're walking so fast now, and often lean forward with the speed of it. Your legs can't keep up and so often you land up on the floor! But in no time at all, you're up and on the move again.

You love being around your older brother and miss him when he's at kindy. It warms my heart to see you two starting to play together and enjoy each other. 

You're a feisty little thing and hate not getting your way. We have to watch our heads because you show your disapproval by 'hitting' whatever or whoever is near you. Turbo often gets a hard smack on back of the head, using whatever is in your hand. Ouch!

You're sleeping much better now, thank goodness, and often sleep 10 to 11 hours straight at night. You're now completely drinking formula and have three cups a day. You really love your milk. And Mommy feels like a new woman now that you don't want it from her!

You've still just got your six teeth you had when I last wrote about you at 8 months old. Although I think some could be making their way through soon.

You're fascinated by birds and love to watch them in the mornings with a piece of Marmite toast in your hand. But you're very scared of dogs and scramble to get away from them, yowling loudly when they bark.

Your Daddy loves your cute character that is emerging and the way you giggle when he chases you, or throws you up into the air.

You came into our lives, unplanned, at a time when we felt we couldn't handle any more. But you have been an absolute joy, Smiley, and I am so glad you're mine. You came at the right time.

We love you more than words

Love Mommy and Daddy  

P.s. Your party is on Saturday, but Nana came to celebrate with us today. Lucky you, Smiley. You are so loved.


Sammy said...

Happy Birthday darling E!!!!!! You are so cute and I love being your auntie!
Well done my beautiful Pens, you have such gorgeous kiddies xxx

Meghan at MNM's said...

Happy Birthday little one. It is lovely to hear how much happiness Smiley has brought into your lives. A gift from God for sure xx

Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...

Awww, Happy Birthday Smiley! GORGEOUS post and photos and well done to you and hubbie for doing such an amazing job. So happy to hear you're getting more sleep too x Well done!

All the very best for this year of toddlerhood (getting crazy in our house - in the best possible, messy kind a way!).

Really happy for you all x

Jules said...

Aww, what a cutie! Happy Birthday!

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