Monday, February 7, 2011

Fancy pants

I took Friday night's opportunity to take some photos and finally link up with Kym's Fancy Pants linky on her blog A Day in the Life of Us. Love this blog by the way!

The date night was wonderful, although a little bit sabotaged by me. When I found out what the plans were, I decided I wanted to do something else and we ended up spending way over our budget. Mr Samoa was not happy with me. Lesson learnt. The one who plans the date calls the shots.

I don't wear dresses often but it did make me feel so feminine!
Totally forgot to take close ups of any my shoes which are one of favourites.
I also forgot to wear any you ever do that? So busy getting the kids organised that I can't remember anything. Anyway.

Wearing a $20 (on sale) dress bought at The House of G (otherwise known as Glassons).
Mr Samoa's outfit mostly from Farmers.

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Meghan at MNM's said...

Such a cute couple. Love your dress. It suits you to a tee. I often do that with jewelery - it is just ONE more for our poor addled mummy brains to have to remember hey!

I'ts just like I've been meaning to paint my toenails for about 2 months - and only finally got around to it last night!

P.s. Your shoes are very stylish too (even from a distance!)

Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

ooooh you two are just so adorable!!! I love the dress, very floaty - so no wonder you felt all feminine it's gorgeous!!! your hubby looks dashing too! I know kymmie is going to thrilled we're all linking up and sharing our outfits! Classic that you forgot to wear some bling - since kids i never wear a watch, so i just don't even bother now!!!

Kymmie said...

Oh, I'm so sorry I haven't visited until now! I'm doing some serious catching up on my favourite blogs tonight. First of all, you look fabulous, and so does Mr Samoa. Is it just me, or do outfits look even better when it's on sale? I hope you enjoyed your evening even if you went over budget. A little skimping on this week's grocery bill might be necessary? (Gosh, I know how that feels!). Thanks so much for linking up at Fancy Pants, and I sure hope you get another reason to pull out that gorgeous girly dress! Jewellery optional. xx

Anonymous said...

wow looks great!

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