Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Taking care of ourselves

I ♥ NZ's Rhema (radio station) as I have mentioned on my blog before. Such great topics that are relevant and often exactly what I need to hear that day.

Everyday they have a marriage segment and today I happened to be driving when it came on (I only ever listen to the radio in the car).

The woman on the radio, who has been working with married couples for over 30 years and written several books, said that when we, as women, stop taking care of ourselves, it translates a message to our husbands that we don't care about them!

She was not talking about having to be supermodel gorgeous, but about taking what we have and making an effort. You may be a little overweight, not like your legs (like me!), be unable to get a tan (me again!), have non-existant eyelashes unless you wear mascara (um, me again), or whatever it is...that doesn't matter. He just wants to see you making an effort. Doing your hair, a little make-up, dressing well.

I have always been a firm believer in taking care of myself, not only for for my husband but for me as well. Taking care of myself is a legacy my mom passed on to me. She never left the house without makeup or doing her hair. She always takes care with what she wear and tries to look her best. And so I do the same. And when I got married, somewhere in my subsonscious I knew this was important to my husband.

The speaker also mentioned that when we stop taking care of ourselves, our husbands feel powerless to talk to us about it. I mean, it's one of the most senstive issues for a woman. So instead of adressing it, they go silent.

So tell me what you think. Do you think this is true?
Have you let yourself go since getting married or having kids?

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Elizabeth said...

I am a HUGE Rhema fan (hubby thinks I am old before my time *grin*)! I think it was Shaunti Feldhahn on Focus on the Family you would have been listening to, I've heard bits and pieces of it over the past few days, and have both her books, very good stuff!

Jacki said...

This is something that I also believe in, we're sending a message when we don't take care of ourselves. I can be guilty of letting things slide a bit on the appearance homefront but I feel so much better about myself when I make more of an effort. Thanks for a great post!

Simoney said...

That's a great point!
I certainly Notice that hubs likes it when I make more of an effort than usual!

Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...

Great post and totally agree x I feel the same about hubbie - I am more attracted to him when he's spruced himself up, smelling good and wearing a crisp shirt (that he's ironed himself!) x

chickasauras_rex said...

I'm guilty of not taking care of myself lately! As my belly grows and my clothes have started not fitting I've been making less and less effort. Yesterday I had a meeting so I put a lil makeup on and combed my hair for once lol. Hubby came home and said "oh wow, you look nice." Shame. Ur right, a little effort means a lot to them.
Good post.

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