Saturday, May 14, 2011

A doggy adventure

I had an adventure with a dog recently. He lives next door. And last week, I found him on top of our recycle bin. Barking and keeping Turbo from going to sleep.
Don't mess with a mother trying to get her kid to sleep. Seriously.

He had somehow climbed the fence, still tied to his rope on the other side of the fence, and was barking woefully at me as he stood on top of the bin in the pouring rain. Darn.
I'm not one to just leave an animal in that kind of situation.

So I approached him cautiously, (also not one to underestimate dogs) and unhooked the rope on his collar, which was twisted around the fence, and pushed him back over....really scared while doing all this by the way. 
Once safely in his yard, he then bolted out of his gate, which apparently he can get out of, and down the driveway!!!!!!!
Who keeps a dog in a yard with a gate they can get out of?!

Picture me, running after him, in the pouring rain, no shoes on, calling his name.
Hmmpf. So not funny.
Every time I got near him, he bolted. "What a fun game", he was thinking.
I went home, trying to think of what I was going to tell the neighbour, praying hard that he would come back.

Ten minutes (and one frantic call to Mr Samoa) later, he reappeared near the front door.
Feigning a sickly sweet voice, I invited him, muddy paws and all, into our lounge.
He looked delighted with the offer and bounded in.

Smiley went berserk, crying in terror.
I grabbed his collar (the dog's, not Smiley's) and marched him through the back door, through my yard, into his, clipped his rope back on, and marched out, chuffed with myself for being so decisive and brave
...but not so chuffed at the wet dog smell now emanating from my hands and clothes.

Later that day, the barking began again. He'd done it again.
You know what I did this time?
Gave him a bowl of water and some bread on top of the bin! Which he refused.
This time, your owner can sort you out, buddy.

Which she didn't have to do as the dog showed me that he could climb back over all by himself!
The owner was greatly embarrassed to hear of my adventures. And she's been taking the dog to work with her ever since!

Here he is, outside his yard, showing us how he can get out, despite his owner's recycle bin propped against the gate. He's a little scary looking, right?
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Sammy said...

Hehe! What an adventure! Glad the owner was so nice and the dog isn't a problem anymore!

Meghan at MNM's said...'re braver than me. Don't know if I'd have even been able to go near it in the first place. Glad all's well that ends well :0)

Elizabeth said...

Sounds exciting! I'm so with you on not waking a sleeping child - our neighbours dog has been yelled at a few times for the same reasons!

Neetz said...

haha...look your post is back again..but minus the comments this time!! ;)

L A said...

Thats hilarious Pen! I don't think I'd have been brave enough to attempt it.

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