Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beat that!

The weekend just gone was very busy but o, so fun!

Mr Samoa turned...another year older. Two numbers exactly the same. You work it out.

It started with movies with my dad - some nice father and son-in-law time.
I had a babyshower in the afternoon while Tasi spent some time with the kids at his mum's house.
Then dinner at a lovely restaurant Saturday night.
Church Sunday morning, and a party with the kids Sunday afternoon.

I baked my first ever chocolate cake.
Yes, really.
It's not that I felt I couldn't, just that chocolate cakes have to be REALLY good.
In fact chocolate cakes are my least favourite cakes because so often they're a disapointment.
Either dry or tasteless.
Carrot or banana cake win hands down in my opinion.
But chocolate wins in Mr Samoa's books so I chose a recipe with melted chocolate in the cake mix. And it turned out ok.
Mr Samoa loved it, which is what counts.

The kids loved having a party for their daddy.
I mean, who wouldn't love the opportunity to stuff four lollies in their mouth while reaching for another?
And we went a bit crazy with the balloons and streamers afterwards.

What a great weekend!
Spent creating memories and enjoying each other.

And obviously no time for folding washing....who can beat this pile?!

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Rebecca said...

Love it! Happy birthday to Mr Samoa!

Elizabeth said...

Happy birthday Mr. Samoa!

Hoping I get to meet you and the kids at the Bloggy Meet-up at Simone's tomorrow?

Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...

Way hey! Happy Birthday to your Mr. Samoa!

LOVE the photos and the motion shot of all the streamers.

Sounds like a fab celebration and definitely a weekend for giving the washing a miss ;)

Kymmie said...

Happy Birthday! The cake looks amazing and you did a great job. And washing... pfff! It will ALWAYS be there in the morning!


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