Tuesday, July 19, 2011

One third of a cucumber

Been feeling a little challenged lately by some awesome budgety type posts.
Widge has done quite a few good ones, as well as documenting her meals for a week. Love seeing how other people do it.

One thing she mentioned was cooking according to what needs to be used in your cupboard.
Too often I have to throw away veges because I've cooked what's convenient or quick and forgotten about the veges that are about to go off in the cupboard.

So this week I made a effort to really think about dinner in the morning, checking what veges needed to be used and working around that.

As of tonight, the only vege I have left in my house,
is one third of a cucumber!
Twice this week we had roasted veges with a meal to use up the pumpkin and potatoes.

And love that today there was absolutley nothing left to eat for lunch but a tin of tomato soup. Not even a piece of cheese for a toastie. So that's what I had.
Tomato soup. Yum!

And tonight I actually cooked up a tin of
corned beef...Island style! We were given a few tins and so far, they've just sat in the cupboard. Í'm not one for cooking Island food, and since Mr Samoa  is  totally happy with whatever I put in front of him, I haven't learned. So with my last onion and a tin of corned beef, I cooked up an Island storm! And ate corned beef with cucumber chunks and some frozen veges. It was delish.

Sweet bro ha ha

I've had to be really good about money for a while now, so I'm pretty happy with how we do. But it's always good to learn new tricks. Like making my own spray 'n wipe with 5 drops of lavender oil, a few drops of eco friendly dishwashing liquid, a quarter teaspoon baking soda and 500ml water. Sure the Lavender oil cost $15 but it's going to last about a year...seriously!
Never  going back on that one. And you can use other oils if you don't like the smell of lavender.

Do you have any great budget tips to share?
Would love to hear them!

P.s. my computer is having serious issues so I'm stealing some time on Mr Samoa's laptop. Hope to be back in action soon!
Hope you're all well xx

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Lyn said...

oh wow Penny, I'm seriously going to try that spray n wipe alternative! Thanks for that - good to know something 'alternative' actually works before I try it too :-) Lots of cleaning going on here this week as we move house on Thursday. Will have to make me up some lavendar oil cleaner!!

Catherine said...

Well .. .. .. on the subject of cleaners .. .. .. at the beginning of the year I spent $36 (including postage) on washing soda, baking soda and borax, and over the past 6 months I have made my own dishwasher powder, laundry liquid, spray and wipe, peppermint paste, floor cleaner, toilet cleaner etc. Last night I ran out of the washing soda and baking soda so had to top up $22 (including postage) for 2kg of each. I still have a HEAP of borax left. So I've worked that out at $6 a month for cleaning my house!
Also one of the blogs I follow (she's new to blogging) has just posted today about clean green cleaners etc http://tinygreenhouse.blogspot.com/2011/07/homemade-laundry-detergent.html

Meghan at MNM's said...

Wow...that is some impressive usage of what's in the house...go Penny! I love the sound of that lavender oil cleaner...gonna bookmark this idea!

Rebecca said...

Ha I did a whatever's in the cupboard lunch and dinner he other day to. Yours sounded yum!

L A said...

After readIng about the famine in Somalia, I realized it's time to do a cupboard inventory & stop just shopping! I discovered 5 boxes of cous cous!!! So definitely time to meal plan better.

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