Thursday, July 7, 2011

Movie magic?

Is it just me, or does it seem that, as parents, the events you look forward to for ages and really get your kids excited over, are the very events that don't work out? And the spontaneous things we do with the kids, seem to turn out to be the most fun.

Such was today. The movie, a mums and bubs session, started at 11am. Quite late for kids I thought, as most of the kids were at an age where they'd still have a nap.

So we rocked up early. And had a few dramas over wanting the cars displayed behind the counter that went with the combo. But we got over that pretty quickly and a box of popcorn soothed Turbo's hurt feelings.

At 11am we excitedly took our seats, expecting the big screen to light up at any minute. It didn't. 20 minutes later we were moved to another theatre as the projector was having trouble. By then, Turbo was already asking to go home, not knowing exactly what he was waiting for!

So by 11.30am we had finally started. This would have been ok under normal circumstances, but Turbo had been up since 5.30am and has a cold. So by 12.20pm, his eyes were actually closing while sitting in his seat! And his cousin was asking to go home too. My sister and I were really enjoying the movie though : )

Excuse the mouth full of popcorn! It was the only decent shot in the bad lighting

So Cars 2, what we saw of it, was really cute with a good (but totally beyond small kids) storyline. And I got to have a coffee and hang out with my sister and nephew. I am glad, though, that we didn't actually pay for the kids' tickets...the beauty of a mums and bubs session (kids under 5 go free) and adult tickets are a reduced price too.

What IS a good age to start taking kids to movies? Is three too young? What do you think?

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LatteJunkie said...

We took Monkey at 2 and a half. He's been to 4 movies since then and we think he's an angel at them. We always go to the 10am or 9:30am show and always have an exit strategy.

We also tested him on full length DVDs before hand to see that he was interested and could sit reasonably still.

I think Turbo will be great if you can find a session that works for you.

Meghan at MNM's said...

Three was the age our biggest went - think it was Ice Age 3 in 3D, nothing like a trial by fire! He was way better at sitting still and watching than most of his friends who went - but then he's a bit of a DVDaholic kid - and every kid is different! I'm not sure our littlie will be going for a while - LOL - heaps less attention span!

And I totally know what you mean about over-building up events - that always happens to me too!

Gail said...

I think they just get used to it the more they go. Ours both loved it from around 3 or 4 onwards. Fun now that they are older to head to the movies!

Catherine said...

Well . . . Philosopher went for the first time last school holidays so he was 5 and it was HOP, we went again a couple of weekends ago, just him and I CARS 2 (I agree not for young kids though, even over his head) and then last weekend Nana took him and Tsunami to ANGELINA THE BALLERINA (it was only an hour long so a good length) . . . Angelina was Tsunamis first movie experience at 3 .. .. .. Hoyts (Mission Bay) has a preschoolers movie session on Saturday and Sunday mornings for $6.50 and they are short movies.

Kymmie said...

Such a disappointment when the expectation is so high! I took the boys to a couple of movies when they were babies, but no movies yet. I think I might wait until Madison is 6 or something. He is only just starting to watch full length movie DVDs at home! xx

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