Monday, March 2, 2009

The things he does

*Read above entry titled "Listless" first for this one to make sense : )

Benjamin's taken to carrying things around in his mouth lately...just like a little puppy. I'll turn around and see him crawling up to me with a cracker or piece of fruit hanging out of mouth. He even does this with his drinking cup! Maybe there's just too much to accomplish to stop for a bite to eat. And all day long I've been getting cuddles. Don't you love cuddles?

There was a pear and now it's gone!

Benjamin is a sensitive little soul and needs cuddles throughout the day. He is happiest when I sit on the floor with him while he plays. And every few minutes he'll come over, pull himself up on my legs and put his arms around my neck for a cuddle. Then he's away again...happy as can be. Somedays this constant need for affirmation and touch can be annoying. I can't get much done. But I do love holding him close to me, kissing his cheek and neck and smelling his hair - yummy baby smells!

One day he might not want to know me and even a trip to the mall with me may cause him some embarrassment! And as for a cuddle, well that may be pushing it. So for the moment anyway, I'm gonna try to appreciate every cuddle I get.

P.S. This was one of the posts I didn't post yesterday. In the light of how I was feeling, it seemed like a frivolous kind of entry. I think my listlessness had something to do with Great Aunt Flo arriving. Or as my wonderful sister puts it, my Red Friend. I'd like to have a private word with anyone who says PMS is in the mind!


Sammy said...

Gotta love that PMS... bet you the person that said it's in your mind was a man (sorry guys but likely to be true!)

Simoney said...

Cute Penny! I love this post actually. It's so true, we cotta get those cuddles while we can; on the upside lots of mums I know of older boys say their boys still cuddle them, so there's hope that it will last for a good hile yet! xx

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