Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blast from the past

I found some treasures in my parents garage on Saturday.

As soon as I saw them I knew that Turbo would love them. Ever since having Smiley, his nurturing side has come out and I've observed him playing lovingly with baby dolls whenever he could get his hands on them.

So when I saw my baby doll from when I was a little girl, I knew it was the perfect gift for Turbo.

She's a lifesize 6 month old...or probably four month old in the case of my boys!

After a wash and some new clothes (wish I had taken some before photos), she is now a 'he'.

And is being doted on! He's had rice, water, a bottle, a sleep, a walk...and it's only day one with him. I've tried to give him a name but he firmly remains just "Baby". Look at the love in Turbo's eyes!

Another treasure was this Cabbage Patch doll. Anyone remember these?

The dress was missing but I cleaned her up and she looks cute in a new born t-shirt that kind of looks like a dress, so she can stay a she.

She is actually for Smiley, who couldn't give a toss about her right now, and so is being looked after by Turbo a little as well.

Love that I get to pass these on!

My Mom and Dad are amazing at keeping things for us because their parents kept nothing of theirs and so they have no treasures from their childhood at all. Here are some other things my Mom and Dad kept so I could pass them on:

Turbo is really rough on toys and I cringe when he throws these treasures around. But what are toys for other than to be played with?

Note: Yes these are boys toys. But I was from a family of three daughters and my Dad thought it was his duty to educate us with boys toys as well.
We even had a collection of Matchbox cars and were taught things like how to change a tyre, re-wire a plug, use a drill etc. Invaluable skills!


Sammy said...

Invaluable yes, but can you actually remember how to do anything Dad tauight us, haha!!!??? All I remember thinking ( as I reluctantly held the end of a wrench/ skrewdriver/ drill was how soon I could escape....back to my dolls and books!

Gail said...

Haha - love the gender change of "baby". I always wanted a cabbage patch doll but my dad was not into buying popular phase toys - I guess that's why I HAD to buy one for Olivia's first birthday. Her name is Autumn. Love it!

Simoney said...

SOOOO cute Pen!
I totally see the love in those big brown eyes. Loving all those retro toys!

Nikkey said...

I remember all those awesome toys - loved clicky men (still do - shhh). I can still change a plug ha ha

MNM's said...

Ah the memories of all the old favs...particularly the Cabbage Patch Doll. We couldn't afford one (truly) so my mum made me one (Juliana) from scratch, she just had a soft face instead of a hard face like the real dolls. And now I just might have to drag her outta the closet when we go to M&D's at Christmas :-)
p.s. That pic of Turbo and his new baby is just PRECIOUS!

Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...

Gorgeous! I sometimes think I should totally declutter and let go of the mounds of toys - but then I see a post like yours and see that it would be wonderful to store away some treasures for the future - here's hoping at least one of my three girls gives me some Grandchildren.... but a LONG time from now (really do not want to think THAT far ahead!) x

4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle said...

Cabbage patch dolls! Thanks for the reminder!

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