Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Starting Christmas traditions

Up until now, when asked the question, "What's your family doing for Christmas?" my thoughts always extended to my Mom and Dad, sisters and Mr Samoa's family.

But this year, my thinking has shifted somewhat.
Because, actually, my family is me, Mr Samoa, Turbo and Smiley.
And we need some family traditions, just for our little family of four. Turbo is now 2 and a half and I think it's so important to start them this year.
As I wrote a couple of posts ago, we started by buying our first Christmas tree and decorations. And on Friday afternoon, we put on some Christmas carols and set up the tree as a family. Turbo was super excited. I didn't even know he knew what a Christmas tree was!
He was so eager to help and hang the decorations, and once it was completed, it was like he was on a serious high.
Who knew a tree could be so exciting?

And then on Saturday, we attended a Santa parade with 'Nanny and Gempa'. Turbo really enjoyed it, although he has no idea what it was all about and he
actually looked the other way when Santa came past! O well, plenty of time for that.
After the parade there was lots to do. Turbo visited the fire engine crew, watched a helicopter take off and went on a jumping castle. Fun fun fun!
And a little exhausting I must say.

I have a few other things up my sleeve like baking some Christmas biscuits and a special night on Christmas Eve....where one day we will read the story of Jesus' birth. 
Having kids certainly does make Christmas even more special I think.

I remember my childhood Christmasses fondly. My Mom and I always baked mince tarts (yuk!) in the weeks leading up to Christmas, put up the tree and decorated the house. Christmas morning we always awoke to a stocking from Santa then went to church and then as soon we were home, gathered with our mince tarts, tea and other goodies, and one of us put on the Santa hat and handed out the presents. The rest of the day was spent in the pool, playing board games with cousins and eating a big Christmas lunch.

I want to make memories like that for our children. Starting this year!

Oh, and we recieved a package from South Africa from my Aunt with this beauty who has a place of honour on our tree. Gorgeous isn't she?
Thank you Aunt M!


Sammy said...

What lovely traditions! And yes you are your OWN family! Funny how long it takes to realise that!

Lyns said...

Love Christmas traditions. We have a couple here - like a beautiful Christmas book bought for the family each year...in fact I need to go get this years one.

Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...

Such a lovely read. Since having children we've enjoyed making our own family traditions too and have had to adapt to the summer season of Christmas, having grown up in the northern hemisphere. I now love a summer Christmas.

Simoney said...

Love it Penny! Got the warm fuzzies reading this. YAY for Christmas traditions. xx

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