Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My very first attempt... Christmas biscuits and working with dough. Vague memories of making mince tarts with my mom came back to me when I was presented with a mass of sticky, not very pliable biscuit dough.

O that's right, you have to keep adding flour and kneading it. The recipe I used obviously took it for granted that people would know what to do because it had no instructions!

And little chubby armed helpers did not make it any easier. But that was the point, remember? (talking to myself). To make some memorable Christmas traditions.

Look at the finger holes and overlapping shapes. O well.
It's about making memories, it's about making memories.

 We did manage to get it right in the end.

Bake until golden. Hmmm....are these golden or reflecting the oven light? 

Managed to figure out how to dust icing sugar with my oversize sieve.

And found some Christmas bags in my wrapping paper and gift bag stash. Perfect!

And of course, someone had to sample the goods.
He wanted to sample them several times actually and I had to pack them away super fast.

Here Turbo told me he was counting them! Hmmm.

All in all it was a success and they taste fine so I'll do the real batch, that will be packaged as Christmas presents, next week. 

Well done me...O and um, you too, Turbo.


Simoney said...

Well done Penpen.
they look very purty :)

Sammy said...

Yum, hope some of them are for me!

Lyns said...

You are so good! And love it when the kids say things like "I'm just counting them..."

tea said...

They look like they turned out so well! I made these for the first time this year with my son and we had lots of those little finger holes in ours too. ..It gives them character. ;)

Thanks for following my blog! I'm looking forward to following along with you also!

Widge said...

cooking with kids is just the worst isn't it!!? There I said it. Meany grouch mother number uno...

Well done Penny you deserve a medal :) I totally would have HAD to re do those overlapped and my perfectionism. so mean ;)

Gorgeous post

Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...

Oh they are so beautiful! I never used to bake before having children and it took me a while to manage to concentrate and 'manage' the wee ones and keep them happy ;) I also had to let go of my inner perfectionist and still have to keep reminding myself, from time to time, why I'm really doing it all - for fun :)

Well done, they look AWESOME! Big pat on the back for you x

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