Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy homecoming

Well you would not believe the little boy that came home from his babysitter today! Happy as Larry. The only thing I could think of was that he was just REALLY happy to be home! He'd only been out for 8 hours - it's not like it was days. He danced to the music on TV, played happily with his toys by himself, let me get on with cleaning up in another room (gasp!), ate all his dinner without a fuss and didn't whine when we put him to bed.

Did the babysitters swap my baby? Nope. He just loves being at home in a familiar environment with the people he loves most around him. He was so easy to look after! I could do other things! I had a glimpse into what other mothers may experience with more easy-going babies (not that I would EVER change him, as I've said before).

Maybe some time apart from each other is actually going to be good for us. You see I'm putting Benjamin in day care soon for two days a week. I'm quite nervous about it - what am I going to do without my little man? Will they look after him well enough? They're not me! But after today, I'm beginning to think it may be just what the both of us need.


Rebecca said...

Aww Penny he's just so gorgeous!!!

Sammy said...

That's awesome! Maybe daycare and a really social environment will be just what he needs. He's such a smart little person and the stimulation will be so great for him. Yay Ben!

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