Friday, March 6, 2009

Whatever Works!

As a mother, it's funny what you feel the need to explain to others. Once a mum explained to me, as she was sitting feeding her baby a jar of store-bought food, that it was ONLY when she went out that would feed her baby store-bought food. The only reason I think she would feel the need to explain this to me is because somehow she feels it's not quite "good enough" to be feeding your child something that you haven't made with your own two hands.

Why is there this feeling among mums that we have to be Super Moms?!! To be honest, if it wasn't for the budget, I'd fill my cuboards with jars and tins of food and be quite relieved I didn't have to cook for Benjamin. I'm not someone who likes to cook. I cook because we need to eat. No other reason. Thank goodness Benjamin is getting to an age where he can start to share in the family meals!

I'm sure food made at home is very good for your baby but then with all the research that goes into making the best baby food possible, it must be pretty good too. And actually it doesn't even have preservatives which is what puts some mums off. And you can even get organic baby food - what more could you want? : ) My Plunket nurse said sometimes bought food is even better than what we make at home because it's made when the veges or fruit are at their best. By the time these fruit and veges reach the supermarket and we get to making our food, they've been lying around for a few days already. And sometimes we can overcook veges too sapping their nutrients. It's something to think about anyway.

All that said, as mums, we should all do what's best for us - because as I'm sure you've all heard: what's best for you is best for baby. We're more relaxed, happier and fulfilled mums when we just do what WE feel is best.

So my motherhood motto is: Whatever works for you
(and about half of the time I manage to live by this motto. It's actually not that easy!..for me anyway)

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Sammy said...

Eh wateva! I like that! Liking the bloggoe background too...xxxx

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