Friday, October 22, 2010

Dear Smiley

You are 8 months old today. Unfortunately, this day finds you sick again and you are on your third course of antibiotics in the 8 short months you've been alive. I tried to avoid them but you've been sick for a while and in the last few days, your cough has gotten worse.
Maybe that's why you don't sleep very well at night?
I wish you could tell me why!

In spite of the sickness, you are still a real happy little boy most of the time. Your smile lights up the room and you don't hesitate to bestow it on complete strangers too (from the comfort of Mummy's arms, of course).

You're a real Mummy's boy and would be happy to spend all day in my arms if you could. Recently you started to reach out for Daddy too which is nice for him. You LOVE cuddles and often bury your head in my shoulder or "kiss' me (open mouthed).

You're not crawling yet but you are really wanting to. When you're on your tummy, you manage to move yourself backwards. Two teeth have made their way through and another two are on the way.

Your big brother is very fond of you and loves to cuddle you, tickle you and try to carry you around. He still calls you bubba although we're trying to get him to call you your real name. Since having you, he has taken a real interest in dolls and puts them to sleep and cuddles them.

You still won't take a bottle and like your milk 'on tap'. You're now having three meals a day and starting to eat finger foods like bits of toast, crackers and fruit (and the odd biscuit).

Bathing is one of your favourite things to do. When you're tired and whiny at the end of the day, a bath calms you down. You love to splash! Music is another favourite and when you hear it, you kick your legs and flap your arms in excitement. You are no trouble to take out and can sit for hours in your stroller, taking in the world.

I could gaze for hours into your lovely chocolate brown eyes and give your velvety soft cheeks a thousand kisses a day.

You bring great joy to us, Smiley, and we love you so much.

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Mands said...

This is so so touching Pen. It gave me a HUGE lump in my throat because I know exactly how you feel...Luke has filled a hole in my heart that I never knew that I had! xxxx
Love the photo of you and Smiley.
WOW well done with the "on tap" feeding. I could not do it, I really have the utmost respect for moms who can xxxx
Have a great weekend with your boys Pen
Much Love M

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