Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New friends

I met K at Rocket Park, right up the road from where I live. Smiley was just 6 weeks old and I was making one of my first outings with both boys by myself.

She was so friendly, just what I needed that day. Her cute son, 6 or so months younger than Turbo, played nearby and we chatted easily for almost an hour!

As I was packing up to leave, I thought I'd ask for her number. K was new to Auckland, and had moved up from Christchurch just 3 weeks earlier if I remember correctly.
She needs a friend, I thought. And not being once who believes in coincidences, I plucked up the courage and asked.

K hesitated and said she didn't remember her number because she recently got a new phone. How embarrassing, I thought, she SO doesn't want to hang out.
But she said she'd take my number and be in touch. Yeah right, I thought. Well, I tried.

A few weeks later K texted me and invited me over for morning tea!
She lives a few minutes drive from me, and the next week, there I was, hanging out with her.
We chatted easily again, and not once did we run out of things to say.
Turbo enjoyed playing with K's son, too.

And so, every couple of weeks since then, we've hung out.
We get on so well and instead of me being a blessing to her, she's been one to me. She's that type of person. Loving, warm and unselfish.

 So refreshing! Like lime juice.

How great is that? You step out, you might just make a great new friend in an unexpected place.

I don't have a photo of K. But maybe she'll let me take one next time.


MNM's said...

Why hello! Just linked up to your blog from KMB and can't believe I haven't discovered your blog before! Just lovely, as are your kiddies!! :-)

Simoney said...

Awesome Penny!!!

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