Sunday, October 10, 2010

Finally made it

I've finally made it to the computer. The house is a complete mess, there's loads of washing to be washed and folded, and dinner to cook. But I just have to write something. Pause.

Nothing comes to mind.

I have a head cold. You know those ones where your nose is completely blocked, so blocked you can't even sniff and you might as well not eat because you can't taste anything? My thoughts are fuzzy.

Let me try again.

I love the way this woman and this woman are getting real about marriage on their blogs. That's where Mr Samoa and I are at. It's a bit hard going at the moment. Constant tiredness, sickness all around, messy house, short fuses, and a bit of baggage coming to the forefront needing to be dealt with.

We've been 'away', staying at my parents house in the beautiful Mairangi Bay on the North Shore of Auckland while they were overseas. Beautiful beach, cafes, good weather. Sunhats out. Felt like a holiday. Which was good.

Cousins have been hanging out.

 Brothers have been showing their love.

Really needing a bit more of this:

That will have to be all for now. Over and out.



Tess Garner said...

Tonight I have been making an effort to get to the blogs that have fascinated me but that I haven't had time to peruse - what a treat your one was - OMG the bath shot is just a gem! Look at them, that is a picture to treasure. You are not alone, we all in our houses behind our closed doors and behind our public smiles have all been grappling with a grim winter; lets hope the summer wind blows away some of the cobwebs, and lets our spirits shine as all of us mums deserve...! ;-)

Gail said...

Great post Penny! Cool that you got to have your parents house for a week! Loving the new look on your blog! I'm so lazy about re-doing mine. Small stages.... and then, arghh can't be bothered! Hope this week is a great one for you!x

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