Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Unexpected sources

Mr Samoa and I have been on quite a journey in the last four or so years. Actually, it's more like a rollercoaster that we've been on, sometimes leaving us thrilled with how things have turned out and other times taking all of our strength to lift our weary feet.

(Quick note for those who don't know: Mr Samoa has been studying for the last four and half years, and we've had both our kids in the middle of it all)

So when blessings appear from unexpected sources, we can only marvel at how God looks after us.

And breathe a sigh of relief.

Mr Samoa has been working part time while he's finishing his study at his old work. This work is in the alternative education sector so it's great during term time, but during holidays, well...you can't work when the students are on holiday, right?

So a couple of weeks back we were a little stuck. Bills and rent paid but food...well.....

One of my best friends was around one morning when I was trying to sort something out with Work and Income, a government department that can help with food. They were less than forthcoming. So my friend got on the phone to her friend (who does not know me) who had been in a similar situation when her husband was studying, to ask where she got help from when things got a little tough.
She said she would sort something out, asked for my address and hung up the phone. My friend and I thought she'd be sorting something through her church or one of the places she used to get help from.

The next day, this was delivered to my door:

This awesome woman had paid for it herself. There must have been over $300 worth of groceries.

What a blessing this woman was to us! I hope to help someone else in the same way when Mr Samoa gets a job, pay it forward, you know?

Feeling: thankful!


Gail said...

Wow!! That is AWESOME!! There are some amazing people out there - so generous!!

Nikkey said...

That is so amazing - what a wonderful blessing!!

Mands said...

Gives one faith in people and makes one realise that there really really are such good people out there! xxxxxx

MNM's said...

Yay...what provision! God sure knows how to unexpectedly do more than we could hope or dream of...

Amy said...

What an amazing gesture. Stunning.

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