Tuesday, April 26, 2011


And the award for the most slack blogger goes to ME!

I've been avoiding you, blog. And the longer I stay away...

In all seriousness though, I have been sick...and busy. I have taken a while to recover from last week's sickness and then about a week ago, started feeling nauseous on top of it. Talk about hitting me while I'm down! And no, I'm not pregnant.

In all seriousness (again), I did get an award a week (or two) ago from the lovely lady at Creating Childhood Memories (still just LOVE the name of this blog!!)

Thank you! I am always so honoured when somebody like my blog. Here it is:

 I was supposed to write 10 things about me and pass it on, but I think that boat has well and truly sailed so we'll move on.
And I've been busy because, over the Easter weekend, we had an 
incredible conference, Shout conference, at our church with
They were flippin' awesome.
Israel is from Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas.

You just gotta listen to this song! And I heard it LIVE

My mouth was open at times. Ask Sammy. She had to close it once.

So it was full on and busy but TOTALLY worth it. I still feel like I need time to stop and download some of what was said. And Turbo had a ball. The kids conference was so well run and well thought out with heaps to do. Happy Turbo = happy me.

On Sunday we headed over to Sammy's house to catch up with family and do an Easter egg hunt for the kids. My other sister organised a game for the grown ups too, which got a little, erm...competitive. Picture Mr Samoa forcefully restraining Sammy from getting her next clue and my mom flat on her face after trying to run up the stairs in slippers!

To top off the lovely weekend, my parents took me and my two sisters to the movies last night. We nearly died of boredom during the movie (do NOT see Another Year!) but it was nice to get out.

I hope you had a lovely Easter! And hope to check in with you all soon

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Gail said...

Haha I can totally picture Mr Samoa holding back Sammy - oh dear!! Haha.

Sorry to hear that you've been sick again! Hope that your portion for the year of sickness!!


Lyn said...

ahhhh so gutted to have missed SHOUT after looking forward to it so much. Tummy bugs unfortunately took over and it was impossible to leave the house : ( Thanks for posting the vid tho... I wonder if there's anywhere you can get copies of any of the speaking sessions...hmmm.


Sammy said...

Yes....your husband is strong- like a brick wall. Would not want to meet him in a dark alley, unless he was on my side of course!
Hey! Aren't our lives FABULOUS? That movie made me appreciate every single thing in my life....

Michelle Twin Mum said...

I bet you had an amazing time at the conference! That song rocks!

Thanks for visiting my blog today, have followed you and will be back.

Mich x

L A said...

The game for the adults sounds fab Pen! Wish I had the energy to be so creative. i just about flung some eggs into the garden for Cole!
I'm pretty much on the slack blogger path too. Let's do that blog swap thing soon - it may give us some renewed energy!

Kymmie said...

Oh, it sounded like you had a fabulous weekend! I love big church functions. We've just returned from a festival like one and the kids had a ball. I love events planned just for them ;)

Sorry the movie was dull. Not that I get to a movie very often, but will definitely avoid that one!

Lovely to see you back. I confess I've been a big slack too ;) xx

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