Friday, April 8, 2011

Things I'm loving and grateful for

The people in my life ♥

Being a SAHM has enabled me to build an incredibly supportive and positive community of other mums around me.
Friends and sisters, I am so grateful for all of you.
The relationships I've formed in these last few years will last a lifetime!

Here's a snapshot of my week.
(P.s. these are not photos of the actual events this week because I'm a slack blogger at the moment and forgot my camera.
In fact, I forget my camera most of the places I go nowdays. Losing my blogging mojo? Eeeek!)



Please excuse the blurriness! 




These are not all of you that are special to me, of course.
But, flip, how blessed am I?

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PaisleyJade said...

You are blessed indeed!

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh yes, kind of missing all the luncheons & girlfriend dates since my 4 chilren made me move from Stay at Home Mum to Housewife, when they all left me for school. For me it's school gate catch ups which make my day, love Posie

Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...

Awww, such a lovely theme and tribute to the amazing people in your life.

Anonymous said...

How lovely!
Yes us stay at home mummas need great friends to keep us going!
I love your beautiful to give thanks!
x Stacey

Aimee said...

Hi! Thanks for the follow! It is so neat to connect with other bloggers and especially neat to be connected to bloggers in New Zealand! I look forward to reading more of your posts! It looks like you have had a blessed week!

Lyns said...

Very blessed!! What a great way to spend your week xx

Maxabella said...

Very! It must feel amazing to be able to meet up with a new lovely friend each and every day. Sweet grateful, Penny. x

tea said...

What a blessing for you!

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