Monday, April 4, 2011


To be great is to be misunderstood.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

I'm beginning to think this is going to be Turbo's motto for the moment. At least until he can gain full control of his strength and his emotions. I've lost count of the number of times he's been misunderstood lately.

He likes to roar. As a lot of boys do, I think. And he is VERY loud and vibrant. Asking him to be anything other than loud is impossible. It is how he has been designed. Part of who he is.

Today, as he ran past a little girl who was standing near her mother's leg, he roared at her. And because he has absolutely no concept of personal space, it was quite near to her face. The mother looked in horror from me, to Turbo to her daugther, who had started to whimper. And I have to admit, I pretended I had not seen a thing.

You see I am sick to death of apologising for who Turbo is. "I'm sorry, he didn't do anything to your child, he's just loud.." or "..he's just being a little rough, sorry." When in actual fact, he's really just being a boy.

We were at McDonalds playground, my frequent afternoon hangout of late, and a little girl walked in, took one look at Turbo, who was zooming around and yelling in excitement, and ran out scared. She brought her dad back in with her, who, by the way, was very nice. But this girl was in a school uniform. Don't they have boys at her school? Has she never seen one before? Maybe not one of Turbo's kind?

Turbo's not often mean. He's not one to hit or shove or bite unless provoked. And this same full on, roaring, strong boy, will take another child's hand, saying "Come, come, I'll show you", and lead them gently down the slide if they're scared. His confidence is astounding. He'll make friends wherever he goes and climb high up ladders and towers at playgrounds.

These 'misunderstandings' happen often. You would think these mothers had never been around other children sometimes. But it's so nice, every so often to meet someone who not only understands, but has one like Turbo. The children click instantly and hoot with laughter as they roar in each other's faces and yell at the top of their voices. Ah, a kindred spirit.

I do think Turbo is an amazing little boy, with great capacity within him. He's just a little misunderstood at the moment.

What about you? Have you experienced what I'm talking about? Have you got a child like Turbo?

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LatteJunkie said...

Turbo and Monkey sound very much like kindred spirits... I am sick to death of telling him to "behave" when he isn't actually doing anything wrong!

So my new stance is to only intervene when he is doing something silly or dangerous. Otherwise I worry that I am stopping him being himself - he has never hurt anyone and hasn't got a mean bone in his body.

Go the gorgeous boys with spirit and character!


Elizabeth said...

We were at Sylvia Park on the weekend and saw a wee boy who was doing the exact same thing... he scared a couple of other little boys, and the younger one started crying. The older brother went and spoke to the 'roaring fellow', and it appeared (from where we were sitting) that once he realised he'd scared the younger one - he apologised, then offered to play quietly and they all had a ball. It was wonderful to watch - but I have to admit (blush) to have been judging the roaring boy originally; as it looked to me like he was chasing and intimidating the two kids. But it turns out he was just playing... I have no idea where / who the parents were for any of them, but I was so impressed that they totally sorted it out themselves without any intervention.

Sammy said...

This gave me such a giggle! Yes Turbo is super loud and yes it can be scary. And so WHAT!!!??!!! He's a BOY. A BOY!!!! Boys are LOUD. He's loving and cute and super handsome. And a BOY.
I am so gald all the cousins are loud.
BTW Turbo and Rupi get along so well. Two full on, God-annointed small men.
If you can't take it, get out of the way I say!!!

Little Gumnut said...
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Little Gumnut said...

Pikalily learned to roar when she was just 3, she's still doing it age 8! I think it comes across as a bit wierd in her as she's normally quite soft spoken and then she roars really really loudly! Funny but embarrassing and a tad inappropriate at her age!!!

Leesh said...

Turbo sounds just like my Cammy... he LOVES to ROAR... in your face, away from your face... it doesn't matter... sometimes he is ROARING like a dinosaur... other times a lion.. and the rest of the time just like a BOY!!! the only time I really have an issue with his Roaring is when it's in the new babies face... the week old boy doesn't quite "get it" yet lol

L A said...

Oh Pen! My little man is a mini boss- he tells everyone what to do & how to do it. Including adults he's never met before. We don't have to apologize for who our kids are as long as we're willing to set boundaries & not make excuses for them when they DO go overboard! It's a lesson I've just given myself :)

Rach said...

Hey Penny... I do love the title of this post : )

Boys should be boys and its not all bad - its just energetic!

Our little boy has just started with a new in home carer (as my part time job is in a new place since the earthquake) & she has two boys just a bit older than our little guy. Junior is fasinated by everything they do & I think its good!

Nice post - well said : )

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