Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cheers to changes and going away

Benjamin's in that annoying transition stage where he's decided to drop a nap. For the past two mornings he has refused to go to sleep at his normal sleep time of 9am. So in my state of panic this morning, caused by me running late because Benjamin slept in (gasp!), I told the day care lady that I have no idea when he sleeps now (reassuring for them) and to try to put him to sleep around 11am...."because who knows?!" said I. Poor lady. Long and short of it is that he only one nap today. Sniff sniff.

Usually when I get home from work, I put him straight to bed and then have a rest. Today, he was there. The whole time. No more rests!! Sigh. Cheers to new sleep patterns.

I'm going away on a woman's retreat for two whole nights this weekend! Two nights of freedom, relaxation, fun. Two nights away from my darling little boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have mixed emotions. Yes I really do need some time out. And yes, I will miss him terribly and think about him most of the time. Am I neurotic? Or just a first-time mum who doesn't realise that her child be absolutely fine and probably not miss me much at all : )

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