Sunday, May 10, 2009


I hope all you moms got a little bit spoiled today. Even if, like me, your little one is a little too little to knows what's going on, I hope you felt special. Because you are.

Due to being on a (very) tight budget, my poor husband didn't have much to work with so I got eggs on toast for breakfast....o and a massage is still to come. So I wasn't feeling too spoilt. Until I got to church. My church has a wonderful way of honouring people and making them feel that they are significant and loved. They arranged for a mobile espresso coffee service to be outside before the service (woohoo!!), at no charge to us, we got a free family photo to pick up after the service and the kids workers even arranged for Benjamin to do a hand print card for me with a photo stuck on. Treasures! Here they are:

1 comment:

Nikkey said...

What lovely photos - you look so much like mom when she was younger in the group one. Hope the rest of your day was as good.


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