Monday, September 27, 2010

At my house

The weather is warming up - yay! No more winter woolies, cute as Smiley does look in this photo.

We spent the morning at Rocket Park, a really cool, heaps to do park in Mount Albert, Auckland. Only thing is there was a holiday program there with much bigger kids - about 60 of them! Totally took over the swings and equipment and Turbo looked a little lost. But not for that long. Soon he was right in there with them.

And now peace has descended on the house as they both take their afternoon naps. I love this time of the day! Don't you?

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Added later:

The peace didn't last long at all. Smiley woke up early and wouldn't go back to sleep. He then woke Turbo up who was VERY unhappy at being woken. So we decided to enjoy the sunshine some more and Turbo got a little treat as consolation for being so rudely awakened.


Mira Narnie said...

wow - what cute photos of you kids. I'm on the blog hop from Lou over at Buttons by lou lou! Your blog is adorable!!

Jennie said...

What gorgeous boys you have!!

Buttons by Lou Lou said...

He does look very cute all bundled up in his winter woolies. I remember the days when I had both boys sleeping at the same time - day time sleeps at all even. It was beautiful!! Enjoy them! Thanks for joining in again this week. Lou.

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