Thursday, September 9, 2010


Ok so the blog construction is going a little slowly. It seems sometimes you have time and then for days on end you don't have a moment to breathe. It's one of those 'don't have a moment to breathe' weeks.

I've been thinking about how when you fall pregnant, so many couples with kids tell you to enjoy your last months of sleeping in and coming and going as you please. I indulged them with a smile and didn't give their advice a second thought. I was thinking of the wonder of holding my bundle of joy in my arms. Or about staying fit and healthy during the pregnancy. In fact, I didn't give much thought to actually being a mother during my pregnancy and spent hours getting fit for the birth! Wrong focus completely. But hindsight is...well not good for much really.

And so it was when I fell pregnant with the second that again we were advised to enjoy our last months as a family of three, with just one child. This time I listened and the three of us spent hours together enjoying and appreciating each other. I thought having one child was hard. Turbo is actually quite a challenging model (and the inspiration for the title of this blog) and at times, I felt completely overwhelmed by him. But lately, quite a number of times, I've turned to Mr. Samoa and said "I can't believe we thought one was hard!".

I've heard the adjustment from one child to two is the hardest. I'm not sure if I believe that. I mean, the thought of adding another squealing, whining and demanding baby to the mix does my head in. Maybe it's that by the time people do add a third, the first is already quite independant...toilet trained, talking well, helping you out a bit with the other two and going to Kindy for a few mornings a week. And maybe it's that your house is already in chaos from the first two so an additional third doesn't make much difference.

All that said, I AM loving my time at home, especially with Smiley still being so little. I would rather be with my sons for this season than anywhere else.


Sammy said...

Yes I agree (says me with red rimmed eyes and severe lack of sleep) All I have to add is HECK! I never dreamed it would be this hard! I DO love it though, more so when I have had some sleep, haha!

Rebecca said...

Love the pic of you two, beautiful!!

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