Saturday, September 11, 2010

Faithful steed

Faithful Steed has been with our family for a while. She started out with my sister and carried her eldest son (pictured right at 11 months old - he's now almost 5!) faithfully for a couple of years. Then she was passed onto me when I was pregnant with Turbo. What a blessing! My sister is extremely generous and this is not the first (or last) thing she has passed on to us.

Here is a picture of Faithful Steed when we were out on a walk with Turbo, just 11 weeks old, in 2008:

The best thing about her is that the infant car seat clips in, so no need to wake a sleeping baby when moving from the car. Love that feature! Smiley is still in the infant car seat but only just. We pick up Turbo's new seat next week and Smiley will graduate into Turbo's. Anyhoo.

Faithful Steed has been on many adventures with us like this one. He drives well in most terrains and, most importantly, is easy to steer one-handed so the other hand can hold a coffee!

In the last few days, Mr Samoa has mentioned that Faithful Steed is looking...well, erm, a bit shabby well-used. Now for Mr Samoa to notice, it has to have got quite bad. He is laid back and doesn't usually notice these things.

So instead of moaning about not being able to get a new one, I chose to let the Kiwi DIY/fix-it ingenuity rise up and I gave Faithful Steed some much needed TLC. A little expert (NOT!) stitching on two torn and frayed corners, a hard scrub where mould has sprung up (bless this bloomin' humid climate) and some good old Gaffa tape on a split handle bar.

Ok so there's not much I can do about the parts that are faded from the sun but at least Faithful Steed is looking a little less worn. And Mr Samoa was very happy with the result...which I only managed to accomplish, of course, when he had taken Turbo out to the park.

So thank you to my loyal Faithful Steed. Don't think you'll do another baby but I bet you'd still try.


Sammy said...

Gosh, I will miss ol' faithful steed when he goes to pram heaven! He's part of the family!!!

Leesh said...

I've just found your blog {thanks to the comment you left on mine}... "Raising your Spirited Child" is like my bible, my saviour, and my best friend all in one - so many times, that book has saved my sanity... both my children are very "spirited" and I have absolutely no doubt in my mind, that the child currently within me will be just as "spirited" :)

Nikkey said...

Great job with fixing up the pram Pen - man look at my little big boy - where have the last 4 years gone!!

Gail said...

Love the DIY Penny! And the new names/look for your blog!!

Penny said...

Thanks Gail! It's a big learning curve but I'm enjoying it. Hope your computer gets fixed soon

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