Friday, September 24, 2010

The kind of day I love

I am a very task-focused person and today was the kind of day I love: a productive one! Bet you were thinking I'd say I spent it with my kids, and, well, I do love doing that too, but I can't change who I am.

It's only on Thursdays and Fridays that I get to have these kind of days. Because on these days, Turbo is at day care. And I breathe a sigh of relief. I can actually DO stuff.

If you think I'm being dramatic, let me give you a quick example. Our freezer works a little too well and I frequently have to chip the ice off of it. This morning as I was doing just that, the pile of ice was rapidly building and it looked just like snow. So I piled it up on the shower floor and gave Benjamin a cup to build some snow castles. I showed him how and he was very keen to get going. I left him happily building, chuffed with my motherly creativeness. 30 seconds (I kid you not) later he was back. Bored and wanting my attention. That is life with Turbo.

A month or so ago, I made a few decisions and helped myself get focused on what I want to achieve in the next few years. One of these decicions was to learn the guitar and get back into music a bit more. So today I learned how to tune my guitar and learned two chords.

Another goal is to write more, because you only get better by practising. And what better way than to blog? With writing, it's good to also be able to take good photographs and use a program like Photoshop. I want to make myself a simple header with a photo for my blog. So I looked up an online tutorial and tried to teach myself. I got nowhere! It's really not very easy. But I learned what a layer is, for those of you who know what I'm talking about. At least that's something. I'm going to have to enlist the help of the awesome Sammy who knows a bit way more than me about the program.

I also called the university I did half my degree at (before unexpectedly falling pregnant with Turbo) and asked them to send some information out. I may start doing some papers soon because finishing my degree is another one of those goals. I was thinking about going back full time but the cost of two kids in day care might bankrupt us in the process.

On top of all the above, I folded washing, washed dishes, sent a few emails and managed to relax a bit. Sigh.

I am content.


Gail said...

Well done Penny! I love a productive day too! Good on you for looking into uni again and teaching yourself some new skills. Inspiring!

Sarah (Chez Lee) said...

Good for you in setting goals and all the best in fulfilling them. I am not very good at making time for 'me', but know I am so much better for it (and for my children) when I do x

Mands said...

Pen you make me were ALWAYS such a high achiever at school :-) You used to inspire me with you determination and hard work! So to see you teaching yourself ect ect I would expect nothing less. Use those talents xxx

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