Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What's your flavour?

Mr Samoa and I have a very sweet tooth. My tooth has got even sweeter since marrying him but let's not do the blame game. It's his fault! So often he goes off to the supermarket or dairy to get us some treats. One particular night I sent him to get some Rolos, one of my favourites. He came back with a bar of Cadbury Dairymilk. I couldn't believe he thought I would like it! To me, chocolate is only yummy when it has something in it - nuts, caramel, raisens, shortbread....anything rather than plain. Anyway.

Rather than moaning at Mr Samoa, (I mean he did actually make a special trip to get it for me) I thought about what I could do with the chocolate. Earlier that day I'd baked some banana muffins so I melted the offending chocolate bar and dipped the tops of the muffins into it. Instant, real chocolate icing! Don't they look good? Mmmm.

I'm interested though: what is your favourite chocolate?


Nikkey said...

Dark, dark, dark - yummmm with something added like nuts or caramel or peppermint. Also don't like plain chocs much but don't like fruit in mine either - like dark choc and orange - gag no thanks : ) Geez those muffins look nice xx

Mands said...

I am addicted to chocolate raisin tumbles. They have to be eaten in a very specific way! I eat one at a time, I suck the chocolate off the raisin. Once the chocolate is gone I break open the raisin with my teeth, suck it for a bit and swollow...HEAVEN! My hubby adores Kit Kat Chunky! hmmmm your blog has made me HUUUUNNGRY!

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