Monday, January 17, 2011

Fizzy Saturdays

I think this is my fourth cup of filter cofee today. Not good. But some days, I really just need want it.
And an awesome friend gave me some carrot cake...can't have that without coffee right? Right?

This year Mr Samoa and I are going to get a bit more healthy. Mr Samoa does not drink any water! Yip, nil H20. Really not good. And we eat our fair share of chocolate, biscuits and ice cream. But I'd say it's what we drink that is the main contributor to our slightly fuller waistlines that have appeared in the last year or so.

So the goals are simple:
  • More water - which means no cordial in the house, which is Mr Samoa's standby drink. Water with meals. A little ice makes a big difference.

  • Less fizzy - actually we're aiming for just on Saturdays but not quite there yet. Mr Samoa gently reminded me that when someone has been doing something a certain way his whole life, it's a bit much to expect them to change in one day. And we've changed to Coke Zero/Diet on most occasions. I'm totally not liking it but I'll get used to it. Surprisingly Mr Samoa is fine with this change.

  • Trim milk - we have only ever bought dark blue, full fat milk. We've changed to light blue now. And it's not so bad. I can however taste the difference. So that also means I have to remember to order trim mochas when I get my coffees. Haven't remembered every time so far.

  • Less sugar - so that means less mochas and more cappucinos. I'm not saying no mochas, just less. Because when I say I can't have it, that will be the one thing I do want. Anyone else like that? And less sugar means thinking twice before buying that icecream or chocolate. We don't have a lot of that in the house, it's when we go out that we feel we need something to eat to go with the outing. Is that wierd?
For us, the key to making it sustainable is for it to be do-able. So I'm not saying NO anything, just less.

We're out in the open now. It's more final when on paper (or screen?).
Will see how we go and report back in a month or so...more for my benefit than for yours. Sorry if this bores you!

So let's fill up that glass (of water!!!) and say cheers to a new way for us this year!

Anyone else have any goals like these for this 2011?

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jaime said...

Soon you will prefer coke zero to the full sugar, that has been our experience anyway :)

Lyns said...

Good for you Penny!! It really does sound achievable. Yep I have my own list in draft form at the moment...soon to be posted, if/when I get around to finishing it! xx

Sammy said...

Good for you Pens!!! I am tryin to cut down on chocolate and it's killing me!!!

LatteJunkie said...

Well done! I am doing a similar thing this year. Trim milk in everything, one sugar only and none in caramel lattes (my favourite) We are also doing 4 mains a week with no meat or fish! It's been easier than I thought. So go for it - you'll find it gets easier.


MNM's said...

Its always good to start the new year with some healthy goals - we did last year and managed to lose about 5-6 kg each in a couple of months. And it's always easier to start being healthy in the summer too :-) I like the way you've said not 'NO' just 'LESS'. Then you won't feel like you're completely denying yourself of all fun! Good luck!

Gail said...

Yes, lots of these types of healthy goals too! Always good! I love coke zero - my goal is to wean off it a bit!

Little Kiwi Chick said...
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