Sunday, January 2, 2011

I ♥ family

Well hello there.

Been having a lovely holiday, filled with lots of family time.

I was saying to Mr Samoa that this year was the most enjoyable Christmas I've had so far.

The first four Christmases of our married life were pretty bad. We spent them arguing and unhappy, each feeling misunderstood and hard done by.

Our families are so very different, you see, and do things very differently from each other's.

Of course this would take some getting used to, but we (I!) seem to think that when we get married, a switch is flicked and immediately our differences merge into one glowing, love-filled ball of harmony.

Unfortunately, the differences seem the hardest to cope with around Christmas time. 
I think it's due to the expectation and the excitement all built up around this one day.

We've now been married five and half years and I think this year I've truly come to appreciate how wonderful, and wonderfully different our families are. They have different strengths, each so enjoyable in their own ways.

What used to phase me no longer does. I've learned to relax and go with the flow a whole lot more because of Mr Samoa's family. When nothing is planned or organised, just stick around, enjoy yourself, and it will all come together.

All my awesome sisters

At the same time, I can enjoy that my family always plans ahead and relish putting that date down in my diary.

I fell in love with Mr Samoa because he was different from me. But it's these very differences that can drive a wedge between us. I am so thankful we are learning and growing together, and willing to make changes for each other.

I'm so looking forward to the years ahead...with both of our awesome families.

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Easyballs said...
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Sarah said...

Oh Penny, your photographs and words are absolutely gorgeous! I'm so happy for you!

Please feel welcome to link up with Lyrical Sunday, as this week's theme is about 'Holidays' and your writing is very poetic indeed!

Enjoy the rest of the summer and have a wonderful 2011!

Jen said...

Your photos are fabulous:) I found that it took a few years for us to find our feet together, and yes, differences really come to a head around big events like Christmas:) We are married 12 years now and have found our own way of merging both :) Jen

Simoney said...

yay for you penny! Great post, great pics! Looks like you did indeed have a FAB christmas!

PS I can only guess what easyballs' comment was about! LOL

tea said...

Love your pictures and so glad you had a good Christmas. ♥

Nikkey said...

What amazing photos and you do a great job with merging both families over Christmas.

MNM's said...

Loving this post. Beautifully written about the challenges of different backgrounds and cultures. I think most families struggle with this at one time or another. I know me and hubby's family 'do' Christmas very differently, but its when we can embrace the differences rather than resent them that we can really enter into the spirit of Christmas hey!

The Clip Cafe said...

What a great collection of photo's of you all! Best wishes for this new year.

Jules said...

Interesting post! We've been married just over a year, and as we have a new bub both our families got together for Christmas Day. Have to say it was one of my worst yet! So it's encouraging to hear that things can only get better!!

Love your photos!!

m.e (Cathie) said...

beautiful post Penny! well done on embracing the differences & going with the flow!
definitely harder but so worth it.
love your pics.

wsihing you much love & happiness for the new year ♥

Tat said...

It is hard to cope with the differences, isn't it? Every year I go on holiday for a week with my husband's family and I still struggle with it. I hope one day I'll be able to have your attitude. Thanks for visiting me at

allison tait said...

You make such an important point here. We expect to flick a switch. But these things take time and effort. Sounds as though you guys have definitely put in both - and your Christmas sounds wonderful.

Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro. :-)

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