Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Giveaway

Yes, you read right.

My first ever giveaway.

I am soooo excited!

For those of you who have only been following me a short while, I have been in a very 'lean' season financially for the last 5 years while Mr Samoa completed his degree. He starts work in 3 weeks!

3 weeks people!!

And while the income has not quite yet started, it's worth a bit of celebration anyway.
So I want to celebrate YOU
All you who choose to read my little blog. Thank you!
I have loved getting to know you. 

Here they are:

To win these lovely necklaces (or win them for someone else if they're not your style), all you have to do is:
1.Become a follower (if you're not one already) by clicking the "Follow" button on the left hand side bar 
2. Then leave me a comment, and you're in! 

If you mention this giveaway on your blog, you'll get an extra entry. Just leave me another comment to let me know.

Open to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Well, what you waiting for?
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Sammy said...

Ok, I am the first one. Sad but true! I think that round beaded one is lovely. Love you xx

Rebecca said...

Pretty, I'm in!

tartankiwi said...

Yay! Well done for making it through the financial hard times... here's to enjoying the good times!!! Love the necklaces by the way ;-)

Lyns said...

3 weeks Penny...not long. Yay for giveaways, and love the necklaces. xx

tea said...

I'm so excited for you!! Definitely a time to celebrate!!

The necklaces are so pretty! I would love to enter. ♥

Widge said...

oooh I have my eye on that one in the middle especially :)
yay for pay!!! may your family be mightily blessed this year xo

Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...

Wow, they are soooo beautiful. It's so sweet of you to run a giveaway, bless. Wishing you & Mr Samoa a very, very happy 2011 and hope he LOVES his job. You guys sound like such a strong couple who really know how to support one another. Best wishes x

Nikkey said...

Ooh pretty Pen - I love them all - such exciting times ahead ...

Gail said...

Am fully excited for you guys - all that hard work and perserverance. I pray that you will step into a season of awesome favour!!

Would love to be in for one of those prettiful things. I love that round beaded one - gorgeous colours!x

Jules said...

Yay, exciting times for your family! Best wishes for 2011!!

Simoney said...

Count me in Penpen! Wow you are a serious blog-girl now with a giveaway and EVERYTHING! Wahoo! xx

Maxabella said...

After five long years three weeks will come around in a jiffy! Congrats to Mr Samoa. I'm so pleased for you.

How lovely that you are sharing your joy by giving to others. I like that a lot. x

MNM's said...

Hey lovely gal
I'd love to win for someone else as I think it'd probably be a little greedy to keep for meafter the recent giveaways I've won.

I love the passage on your 2011 post- 'living careless in the care of God'. Wonderful words to live by. I could do with being a bit more 'careless' too.

How wonderful that a brand new season is starting for your family - yay for Mr Samoa starting his new job. And yay for you being the best wife and mum you can. Sometimes that's exactly where you're meant to be!

PaisleyJade said...

Count me in - yay!!

MultipleMum said...

I love these necklaces! Totally fab giveaway. Count me in! Thanks for commenting on my blog so that I could find yours :) You know you can do three more weeks. What a complete treat it will be to have a working hubby again with an income! Thanks for your generous spirit.

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