Friday, January 28, 2011

A little bit of this and that

You would think after receieving such a lovely gift from Mr Samoa, I might remember to wear it more than once. Not the case. Apparently I now need to create a habit of wearing it. Who would have thought?

The culprit has claimed another victim. My wonderful mom stayed the night last to help me out while Mr Samoa is away. After getting up several times last night, my mom took over in the early hours of the morning. Apparently she was up for two hours with him!
And so a rather shattered and exhausted mom has now left me to it. At least she has seen it firsthand and knows I'm not kidding about how bad he is at the moment.

My mom with my gorgeous niece

I feel this leaves me no option but to leave him to cry. I am going to put my mattress next to his cot, though, and offer reassurance every now and then. And if he wakes Angel Turbo, we will just have to deal with that.
Who would have thought I'd he calling Turbo an angel!! But he is. A delight.
Thankful for that.

Smiley took his first steps a couple of weeks ago, a week before he turned 11 months. And now he's really going for it. So cute to see! Motherhood is so full of contradictory emotions. I am such a tired, exhuasted, frustrated, but very proud and full of love Mama. Here's a little video on the very day he took his first steps:
(Sorry it's sideways but i don't know how to edit it...I did download software and try!)

And nothing like coffee with some other awesome bloggers to pick you up a little.
You probably have already, but check out the great blogs of Sammy, Gail and Simone.
Note to self: remember to pay next time before you leave the cafe!
A sheepish thanks to Gail and Sammy. I owe you!

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Sammy said...

No worries and I was SO glad to see you! I don't think anyone thought you were kidding with Smiley and his sleep. In fact, knowing you, you have understated how bad it is as you are not a moaner! I think we all feel a bit helpless....
Praying for you tonight and at least Mr Samoa is home xxx

Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...

Oh wow, he's walking! Maybe the night waking is a combination of reaching this amazing milestone and perhaps some teething too? My Alice has just started walking at 11 months (note to self - must make sure third child gets more video coverage for when she's older!). She is still waking more than a few times at night - but thankfully I just roll over, feed her and she goes back to sleep. Unfortunately I have zero time for me in the evening (I just take my iPhone & laptop to bed at 8 and blog!). Poor hubbie gets neglected :( I must remedy all this in 2011! Having said that hubbie is real busy with work and often up till midnight anyway! Ah well, weekends are golden time together, which we sure enjoy :)

Nice you got to have coffee with some other bloggers :)

Jules said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog, will let you know when the package arrives, thanks again!

I'll definitely be interested to hear how the 'letting Smiley cry' test goes. Morgan has the same problem waking regularly in the night but I haven't been brave enough to try the crying technique yet. I think hubby is even more reluctant than I am!

Best wishes for tonight..

tea said...

Yay for walking!!

When we had to let our son go through the crying stage, it was difficult. We started out just waiting 5 minutes, going in comforting and then waiting 5 more minutes. Sometimes I couldn't take the 5 minutes... And he could cry for a really long time too. It's so hard to know just what to do. Thankfully in the end it works out by the grace of God. Praying for you. I know it's tough. ♥

My husband bought a pretty smell for me for Christmas and I have had to get into the habit of using it too. ;)

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