Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Easter decadence and a giveaway!

Yes, Easter is almost upon us already. And Easter wouldn't be Easter without hot cross buns, of course. I can't recall an Easter without them.

My earliest memory of them is the very early morning Easter services held at the Anglican Church we grew up in, followed by hot cross buns and coffee at the Reverend's house. I must have been about nine. I never liked hot cross buns then. They grew on me as I got older.

When Baker's Delight approached me to sample of their hot cross buns, I was keen to be a part of it. I'm not a huge hot cross bun fan, but I was sold when I heard there were options available other than the plain ones.

Baker's Delight have three types of hot cross buns on offer this Easter:

traditional, choc chip and mocha.

Any guesses for which was my favourite?

If you guessed mocha, you guessed right, me being the coffee lover that I am. They were pure indulgent, decadence. Full of choc chips with a hint of coffee flavouring. And I could only manage to eat one at a time...which is a good thing.These are definitely my recommendation. Even if you're not a coffee drinker, the flavour is only hinted at and does not overpower the other flavours of the bun.

Mr Samoa's favourite, however, was the plain, old traditional bun. Turbo would not touch any of them, but then what's new there? And Smiley liked the choc chip...based on the overwhelming evidence that when he was presented with the mocha or traditional, they were chucked off his tray.

The choc chip or mocha ones are definitely the right option for people who don't like currants or sultanas (I'm talking to you, Sammy).

In terms of whether these buns are better than the good old supermarket variety, Mr Samoa (a hot cross bun fan) certainly thinks so.

You may also be interested to know on Saturday 9 April ,‘Bundraiser’ Day will see all Bakers Delight bakeries across New Zealand, donate $1 from every six-pack of hot cross buns sold to Starship Children’s Hospital in an effort to raise more than $5,000 for Starship’s Air Ambulance Service.

I am a HUGE fan of Starship and all the help they gave Turbo, see here and here, so
I know I'll be getting along to my local baker's Delight next Saturday.

Now for the giveaway.....

The first 5 (New Zealanders) to comment on this post will receive a Baker's Delight voucher for a pack of hot cross buns to use at your local branch. Get in quick!

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Meghan at MNM's said...

Oooooo hot x buns are my favorite thing!!! Could eat them all year round. Yes please

Little Gumnut said...

bummer. I'm in Australia. Love Hot Cross Buns! I like their bundraiser idea, cute!

Lyns said...

Aw pick me...I LOVE hot cross buns - traditional though!! Toasted with butter...Yummmmmm

Sammy said...

Me me me!
They sounds divine!

Mumma2s said...

Oh these sound yummy, I would love to try the chocolate ones :)

Nikkey said...

Love chocolate ones too but have to say the plain ones are amazing - heated up - with a bit of marg on - yum....Am also gonna try my hand at making my own - i'll let you know how it goes or better yet make you try one - ha ha

Elizabeth said...

Bummer - I just missed out, those mocha ones sound amazing!

Anonymous said...

My mouth is watering...I hope they have these in Australia!

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